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Having been born and raised in Houston, I’ve come to learn a few things about the city during that time.

First, I truly believe that our city’s strength is generated from our thriving, unique neighborhoods and communities. From Sunnyside to Southpark; from Uptown to the Galleria; from the East End to Near Northside – the collective of our unique communities is what makes our city great and our future bright!

Secondly, I believe that for all of Houston to succeed, we must make sure all of our communities are succeeding. For far too long have a handful of our communities been given the necessary support and resources they need to succeed, while others have been left to do more with less. We must do more to help ensure all of our communities are growing into tomorrow.

That’s what my campaign for Houston City Council, At-Large Position 1 has been built upon, after all – building a better for all of our communities, both for today and tomorrow.

As Houston City Council Member, I will make it one of my foremost priorities to empower the citizens of this city. That starts with empowering the economy and focusing on a robust workforce development program. By working with local ISD’s, universities, community colleges, and employers, we can begin to better understand what the demands of tomorrow’s workforce looks like and train Houstonians to help ensure that they can get the jobs employers want to fill.

Similarly, we must incentivize the continued investment of business – both big and small – into the City of Houston. By incentivizing this investment we can help diversify the local economy and ensure its stability for generations to come. With the oil economy currently lagging, I believe that now is the time to utilize a long-term approach to diversifying our economy and ensuring that our city doesn’t rely so heavily on one industry over another.

As you’ve heard me say before, I love this city. It has raised me and given me a life, career, and family. Houston is a city of opportunity and as Houston City Council Member for At-Large Position 1 I will work hard to preserve that. So join us as we work to create “An Even Better Houston and An Even Better Tomorrow!”