An Even Better HoustonA close friend of mine who lives in Southwest Houston – one of the hardest hit areas in the city during the Memorial Day flood – recounted his experiences with the storm and its aftermath. In short, my friend lost everything except several invaluable family photos and heirlooms. And, although devastated by his physical and emotional loss, he has faith that we will be able to recover from this historic storm.

Many Houstonians were left wondering how we can better prepare for a storm of this strength moving forward. As an elected official, I know that we can do better. I know that we can do better to prepare for the next storm, or tropical storm, or hurricane.

As Council Member At-Large for Position 1, I will take the lessons learned from the Memorial Day flood to help ensure that this devastation never happens again.

As Council Member, I will:

-Prioritize the sufficient funding, resources, and support for the areas of the city that flood the quickest.

We must identify and address the issues that make certain areas of Houston more prone to flooding than others.

-Support the expedient completion of Project Brays along Brays Bayou.

This vital program MUST be finished to ensure local residents don’t have their homes and cars flooded in the future.

-Ensure that bayous and vital infrastructures are expanded and strengthened throughout the City.

We must make sure that every corner of the city has the infrastructure necessary to handle large amounts of water.

-Redirect Rebuild Houston funds to help expand the city’s bayou and flooding infrastructure.

-Foster better relationships between the City and County to better serve citizens during crises.

The relationship between the County and the City is a vital one, and I will work with the County as an ally to ensure adequate resources and support are coming into the city.

These are just few of the priorities that I will look to accomplish as your City Council Member, for At-Large Position 1. I know that through these measures we can work together to create An Even Better Houston and An Even Better Tomorrow.

For flood recovery resources, please visit:—Help-after-the-Texas-Floods.