An Even Better HoustonAn Even Safer Houston

 Every Houstonian wants to feel safe in their homes, neighborhoods, and city. To build safer communities we have to build better relationships between citizens and those that protect them. We must also give law enforcement agencies the resources they need so they’re not stuck having to do more with less.

*Work with HPD, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and area Constables to develop programming that will help educate officers on the specific policing needs of each community.

*Partner with the Department of Neighborhoods and area Homeowners’ Associations to rid the community of areas that attract crime – abandoned buildings, empty lots, rundown structures, etc.

*Work with HOA leadership to identify and remove the sources of illegal dumping that plague our neighborhoods.

*Convene “Community Councils” with civic, community, and faith leaders to educate the community on how to keep their communities safe.

*Work with district Council Members and law enforcement to develop specific policing programs to better serve Houston’s senior citizens.