An Even Better HoustonA More Structurally (and Fiscally) Sound Houston

It’s true – Houston’s infrastructure is struggling to keep up with the demands of its rapidly growing population. Most trends have Houston continuing this growing well into the future, and that provides new challenges to its leaders. We must look into Houston’s tomorrow to understand the infrastructure and financial solutions of today.

*Ensure that ReBuild Houston funds are being spent as originally intended, and that Houstonians know where their tax dollars are going.

*Promote the interconnection of Houston’s vital highways and thoroughfares – allowing residents to more easily navigate the city with less congestion.

*Work with outside entities to find new resources to help create better, more future-proof roads and infrastructures.

*Help further METRORail’s reach by advocating for its expansion to Houston’s airports, main commerce hubs, and other key areas of the city.

*Advocate for further development of Houston’s flooding infrastructure, prioritizing the areas most prone to flooding.

*Along with district Council Members, push for the expedient completion of Project Brays along Brays Bayou.